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Welcome to! We love everything with tassels!

Tassels are very popular in every season. We can find them on blouses, dresses, shoes or bags and many accessories. You can not miss them in your wardrobe. They are a great touch of many stylizations. a great option for a summer trip to the park, for a camping trip or for a pool party, but they look great in festival stylizations.

Regardless of your style, you can wear tassels in various ways. They do not have to be associated only with the boho style. Tassels in the right combination can be worn on sports, glamor or with a bit of a claw. If the fringes on the clothes are too much for you, you can always bet on accessories.

Tasselmania Online Shop

In our online store you can find tassels in many variants. Definitely every tassel maniac will find something for himself! Check and you’ll find out and you can wonder how many different styles and types we have in our offer in tassel bags, tassel bracelets, tassel dresses, tassel earrings, tassel hats, tassel home decor, tassel keychains, tassel necklaces, tassel phone accessories, tassel scarfs, tassel shoes, tassel towels, tassel wallets in vintage style, bohemian style and many more…

Tassel shoes

Tassels have accompanied us for many seasons. Associated with the wild west and Indian fashion, they entered our cabinets with great success. The Indians adorned them with poncho and pants, today we use them on many clothes and accessories.

Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings can not be overlooked. They are expressive, large, in strong colors. They can become a great addition to casual and elegant styles for the evening. The limit is only our imagination.

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